Alton Towers 17/9/14

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Alton Towers 17/9/14

Post by Steve Davies » Wed Oct 08, 2014 11:21 am

I won't post comments on the coasters, as enough been posted previously from members, and most know all about them anyway.
Just comments on the single rider queues-
Being midweek in September outside school / general holiday times, park was quiet by AT standards, but still some large queues in my eyes!
Single rider queues worked well for me on Smiler, Thirteen, and Oblivion, was able to bypass long main queue line and pretty much walk straight on.
Did not work for Rita, presumably because of the nature and relatively low capacity for this ride, was only about 5 people in front of me, and did not move for 15 mins. gave up and joined main queue later on, waited about 10mins, still quicker than those in single rider.
Nemesis, went into single rider queue, walked all the way down to ride entrance, only to find it blocked by an oil drum! Went back up and spoke to guy manning the main entrance (who had watched me go down and did not say anything to me!!! AARRGG!!), he said single rider queue closed, so I told him where to put his oil drum! (i.e move it to single rider entrance, of course!)
As it was, ride was virtually walk on, and only a very short wait for front seats.
Air, only one side loading, other side closed for some reason. Single rider queue not operating (Why?? It doesn't take any more staffing surely!) was about 40min wait in main queue.

Only one ride comment- taking a short break from the coasters, went in to Ice House 4D. I thought this quite rubbish, even for the young kids it's aimed at.
Still an overall enjoyable day.

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