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Re: USA 2015

Post by bob clark » Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:17 pm

Hi All

Hi just jacking this thread back from Raymond Butt and Martin Valt, to say thanks to everyone involved in organising this trip.

Everything seems to go to plan and we visited some very nice parks and rode a wide collection of woodies of various shapes and ages - with reference to the steel coasters - anyone for another Volare ?

It was great to see so many old friends and to meet new ones - as always its the participants that make the trip !


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Re: USA 2015

Post by Caffeine_demon » Sun Jun 21, 2015 7:54 pm

Just back from my extra week in New York etc. following the trip - and have to say it was a fantastic holiday - the parks were really nice to us, only minor disappointments were SFNE not reopening their rides following the thunderstorm, the throngs of schoolkids at lake compounce (and not much can be done about that) - and still feeling that boulder dash is overrated.

Anyway - Highlights of the official trip:

Roar-o-saurus - So much lovely airtime for such a teeny coaster, and the park was lovely - Also did the mine walkthrough and the slipshod safari, which where both cheesy in a fab way!

The evening in Quassy - a park which is so much better than the ride line-up suggests (although Wooden Warrior isn't half bad!!)

Wicked cyclone - unlike some, I didn't find the leg restraints too terrible, and thought the inversions were lovely, and the ride was just relentless brilliance! - easily in my top 5!
Bizarro - have ridden before, and it was great again- has slipped down my top 10 a bit though

Surprise of the trip was turbulence - hadn't really liked Euro Mir or Dwervelwind - but this was just fun! Park had a pretty nice ghost train too, and they were damned nice to us!

Phoenix - Didn't quite get enough time there, but those last airtime hills just had me giggling like an imbecile!

The backstage tour of cyclone - Coney Island made up for my last visit (when they closed because of the weather), and spook-a-rama is probably my number 1 ghost train now!

Highlights of my extension week:

All the public transport running to schedule! (went new york - Atlantic city - Ocean city (NJ) - Wildwood (Moreys piers) - Atlantic city - Philadelphia on Sunday, and on to Harrisburg and Hershey on the Monday (and then back to NY on Monday eve)

Was impressed with ocean city, and particularly Playlands castaway cove who had great staff!

Skyrush - loved it 3 years ago, loved it even more this time! (rides were walk on all day - only queues were comet and Laff Trak)

Finally riding El toro - it's good, but I prefer Heide Park's Colossos. (despite their iffy customer service, loved SFNE and SFGA)

Top of the rock at sunset and central park.

One final highlight - being upgraded to Business class both on the way out and the way back!!
Daniel "Caffeine demon" Roach

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