Our first China trip (HK,Shenzhen,Guangzhou): advice please!

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Thomas Koehlert
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Our first China trip (HK,Shenzhen,Guangzhou): advice please!

Post by Thomas Koehlert » Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:15 pm

We have just started to organize our first trip to China, and I am very eager to learn anything you might be willing to share about theme park visits in China.

First I need to get an idea about best time of the year to go. We plan to go end of next year, most likely October/November, maybe beginning of December. Is this a good idea or might we get problems with opening times? Are there many parks that are open the whole year? Or do they close during winter months? We want to visit the big parks as well as small ones (any suggestions for smaller parks nice for a 5 year old child?), and we have about 3 weeks.

Any ideas for planning and organizing? For the parks without websites, is it just go there and hope they are open? And even for the parks with websites planning seems quite a challenge. So far I have not found a website translation tool which really works well with Chinese websites.

I know the club trip 2013 had some of the parks we want to visit, too. Would it be possible, by any chance, to get details of the trip, like where you stayed, transport etc.?

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Talhat Mahmood
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Re: Our first China trip (HK,Shenzhen,Guangzhou): advice ple

Post by Talhat Mahmood » Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:39 pm

Hi Thomas,

I've been to China a few times and all my trips have been in September. All big and small parks that I've visited have been open. I've never come across a park that was closed.

As you are doing Southern China, weather should be fine, and the parks should remain open till later in the year, compared to the northern parks.

Just to be safe, I would do the trip in September, October or the latest early November, and not leave it too late in the year. (definitely avoid golden week, that's normally the first week in October).

The smaller parks will not have a website. Like you've mentioned, you'll just have to turn up and hope they are open :-)
The earlier you go the higher the chances are that they'll be open. A lot of the smaller parks have people living on-site. Sometimes it's the case of walking up, knocking on the door, showing them the money and they'll run the rides for you.

As for traveling around: Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou are all connected by the fast train. All three cities have a very good metro systems. I tend to use the metro till the nearest point to the park and then either walk or take the taxi to the park. If the park is outside of the main centers then I'd take the train or long distance bus to the nearest point before completing the journey by taxi. (taxis are cheap compared to Europe, USA).

As for hotels, tripadviser is your friend. Book the hotel from the top third in the rankings and you should be fine. Just make sure it's near a metro station for ease of transport.

Lastly and one of the most important tips: make sure you have the park names written down in Chinese to show the taxi driver or to ask people for directions. The hotel can do that for you.
I normally print the map of the park location from rcdb and copy the name on the map (rcdb have translated all park names in Chinese).

Hope this helps


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