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Forum Rules and Guidelines

Post by Andrew Shakespeare » Wed Mar 12, 2014 5:20 pm

Welcome to the European Coaster Club Forum.

PLEASE READ the following rules of the forum before posting:

1. Everybody must use their real name and surname when posting on our forums. In order to comply with this rule, you have two options:
A) Change your username so that it contains your name (Like mine does)

B) Set a signature containing your name.

You may do either or both of these by clicking on "user control panel" (below the club logo at the top of the page)

2. Have fun! That's the most important rule. Friendly debates are acceptable, but flame wars are not! Personal and Flame attacks will not be permitted, will be deleted, and could lead to the suspension of your forum account.

3. "Adult" Material being posted (either language or images/video material) will not be permitted also, this content will be deleted and could lead to the suspension of your forum account.

4. European Coaster Club reserves the right to delete or modify any post that is made to this forum where deemed applicable.

5. Image uploads - Please keep all image uploads and "linked images" on this forum to no more than 700 pixels wide, these are also limited to 5 per post using the forum webspace, you may post more if using your own or a third party webspace.

6. Avatars - You may upload an Avatar that is 90 x 90 pixels and under 6k in size.

7. Spelling and Grammar - Please make every attempt to proof read your messages before you post them, it makes it a lot easier to read the forum should spelling and grammar be correct. Text Message speak (l8r for example) is not allowed. A typo here and there is acceptable, but please try!

8. Youtube Video - You can embed Youtube videos directly into the forum, to do this, goto your video on click on the "share" button, then click on "Embed" and copy the entire code. In your message, click the "Youtube" button, then paste the code in between the [youtube] and [/youtube], do not post anything which may conflict with copyright rules or is adult material. This would result in your message being deleted and a temporary ban.

9. Signatures – Please keep your signature to 3 or 4 lines of single spaced text and no “GIANT TEXT”. Images in signatures may be no larger than 600x200px. The moderators have the right to delete your signature or ask you to change your signature if they believe it is distracting from the forum even if it falls within the above guidelines. If for any reason you feel you need a signature that falls outside of these guidelines, please contact the admin or moderating team for approval.

10. Posting Links or "Spamming" - Please do not post with the sole purpose of advertising external websites - links in your signature to your own personal website are OK, but not specific advertising posts. Also please do not just post links for the sake of posting links.

11. Obey Park Rules - If any of you feel the need to break park rules, please do not brag or post images, or video of yourselves or people "breaking" park rules.

17. Banning - Registering a new account to bypass an existing ban will result in your IP being banned.

18. Creating New Topics - Feel free to create new topics, however please search the forum first to see if either the same topic has been posted or there is a topic where your post would be more suited. If you feel a new topic would be appropriate, please be descriptive in your topic title.

19. If you need assistance please email
Andrew Shakespeare
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