Canada's Wonderland Trip Report June 2013

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Canada's Wonderland Trip Report June 2013

Post by Andrew Shakespeare » Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:12 am

Great park, flat ride selection is really good and coaster selection is vast (not necessarily good though!)


I had pre-purchased Fast Lane Plus a few weeks before the holiday as I had read this park is very busy most days, with only 1 day I really wanted to make the most of the time I had, well it turned out I needn’t have worried, it absolutely tipped it down the morning of my trip to the park (I was a bit gutted) The weather was atrocious on the way to the park, visibility was dreadful. When we got to the park (about 30 minutes before opening) we were the only car in the car park! Although it did get a bit busier throughout the day, I really didn’t need the Fastlane Plus at all, however I can certainly see the benefits of having this pass and I don’t regret buying it, it guaranteed me a great day!

Anyway, onto the rides

Leviathan (9/10)


Went straight for Leviathan, walked straight on in the front row, the whole train was whooping as we left the station (they did wait for a full train), it was nice to have this happen, it made me feel as though it was a club trip with an ERS! Leviathan being the tallest coaster I have been on I was just slightly excited as we head up the lift hill, you get a cracking view of the surrounding landscape, I have been told you can even see the CN Tower on a clear day!


After everything I have read about B&M Hyper/Speed Coasters, I was prepared for a smooth ride, but I was gobsmacked by just how smooth it was, it wasn’t just smooth though, it was powerful, fast and……too short!!! What there is of the ride though was very very good, but (if Cedar Fair had another spare $10 million) the speed it carries into the brake run it really could do another 1000 feet of track easily. Fantastic ride!

Wild Beast (4/10)
I haven’t really ridden a great deal of Wooden Coasters, so I don’t have a great bank of ones to compare with, but I didn’t mind Wild Beast, it certainly wasn’t Twister or Balder (my top 2 Wood Coasters (Yes, I told you I hadn’t ridden loads) but it wasn’t terrible, however it did lack something I couldn’t put my finger on, only rode it the once.

Let me just tell you something which may help you all understand my ratings of some of the older coasters at Canada’s Wonderland….Many many years ago (1996/97 I think) I got given (from Father Christmas….) Mark Wyatt’s White Knuckle Ride, in it were photos and descriptions of the “best coasters in the world” at that time. Some of these were Mighty Canadian Minebuster, Vortex, Skyrider & Wild Beast, so I had known about these rides and the park for 18 years… say I had built up an idea of how these rides were was an understatement!

The Bat (4/10)
I have only ridden 2 Boomerangs, and I don’t like either of them! The kick you get going into the Boomerang element backwards just gives me a headache guaranteed, every time, which is a shame, because forwards, it isn’t too bad!

The Fly (5/10)
I always end up having fun on these “Mouse” type coasters, this one was no different, it has the same layout as the old Jungle Coaster at Legoland Windsor (Now at Legoland Florida) which I had ridden years ago.

Vortex (3/10)
This being the second Arrow suspended coaster I will have ever ridden, I was really looking forward to it, I love the Vampire, and I loved it more when it had the old cars, so I was also looking forward to riding Vortex with the old trains, I jumped in about half way down the train and off we went. Well, my headache from The Bat came back after the first drop, it was like being thrown down a hill in a wheelie bin, it was terrible, very disappointed.


Skyrider (5/10)
I strapped myself into only my second stand-up coaster (wasn’t overly keen on the restraints, but thought lets go with it) Tried to get the “Bicycle Seat” as low as possible to avoid “Discomfort!” Off we went. I was pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t terrible, however there was an unpleasant jolt going into the horizontal loop/helix.

Mighty Canadian Minebuster (5/10)
Was slightly more impressed with “MCM” than Wild Beast, I liked the way it ran through the water park (no-one in it that day though) Good few pops of Airtime, but nothing incredible, didn’t ruin the impression I had of this from that old book!


Behemoth (6/10)
Going from 0 B&M Speed Coasters, to 2 in one day was always going to be exciting, particularly when this would only be my 3rd coaster above 200ft! I was looking forward to trying out the longer trains B&M have started to favour on their newer Speed Coasters. I wasn’t that impressed, I had heard that occasionally you can get a rattle from these trains due to the design/length of them, it was certainly there, my brain was still hurting from Vortex, so I did not enjoy this at all, I appreciated the Airtime, and the views from the park boundary were good, but I didn’t re-join the queue for a re-ride, maybe it had a bad day, maybe I should have tried it without a headache, who knows, but I would give it another go if I was back in the area.




Backlot Stunt Coaster (4/10)
I had never ridden a Premier Coaster, I was looking forward to this one, I had been aware of these since they were the Italian Job coasters, The overall idea of them is quite good, the launch into the helix, the “stairs” section, all good fun, but I really didn’t like the position of the “lap” bar, I highlight lap because it felt more like a chest restraint, someone needs to teach Premier Anatomy, cause my lap was about a foot down from where that restraint was, I do not appreciate a restraint that is pushed into my chest.

Time Warp (2/10)
Not fun at all! Stupid cars, uncomfortable ride position, and a track that the car negotiates at too sedate a pace (which on the other hand is a good thing, as it was too rough to be fun!). I am in no rush to ride Flamingolands version!


Flight Deck (4/10)
Mmmm, not a lot to say really, no queue & rougher than the Blackpool one, nothing to write home about.

Ghoster Coaster (6/10)
I thought this was a great little coaster, perfectly paced for kids & adults alike!)

Silver Streak (7/10)
I am a fan of these new Vekoma Junior suspended coasters, I like Kvasten at Grona Lund too, good little ride.

Yes I haven’t forgotten about Dragon Fire, but I did forget it was there until just after my 2nd lap on Leviathan in the afternoon!

Dragon Fire (4/10)
My first Arrow “Loopscrew” and it was everything I thought it would be…..the first half with the loops was not too bad (straight line…) But the 2nd half was pretty rough through the corkscrews, nothing to write home about. I did however think it was a shame that Leviathan just towers over this poor little coaster, makes it seem more like a kiddie coaster than what used to be quite the thrill ride!

Overall I was impressed with the general state of Canada’s Wonderland, it was a nice park to walk around (even though it was a bit cold) The food was great, I had my first “Beaver Tail” (aka deep fried heart attack) and I was a big fan of the selection of “meal food” My wife really enjoyed her noodles at Manchu Wok on International Street. I was also a huge fan of “The Chippery” Where they make their own Crisps freshly all day.



The infamous Sledge Hammer

Yes Sledgehammer was working most of the day (It opened about midday)

Shockwave - Mondial Top Scan

Finally (but certainly not least) Drop Tower - Intamin Giant Drop
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